News from Realities

News from Realities, part of the National Centre for Research Methods, based at the Morgan Centre at the University of Manchester.

1. New audio: Qualitative research impact beyond academia

Extract from talk by Carol Smart about how (and why) we could increase the impact of qualitative research beyond academia.

2. ‘What is Creative Interviewing?’ seminar, 6 May 2010, Manchester
Jennifer Mason gives an introduction to the art of creative interviewing. Part of the methods@manchester lunchtime ‘What is…?’ seminar series.

3. What is narrative analysis? Presentation recording
Recording from presentation by Vanessa May given as part of the methods@manchester seminar series introducing different research methods.

4. New presentation recording: Researching Nature
If you missed this workshop you can watch and listen to Richie Nimmo’s presentation on using actor-network theory as a way into researching nature (slides and audio)

5. Ups and downs of friendships: Realities research in the news
The Critical Associations project is exploring, among other things, the significance of friendships across the lifecourse. Part of the research involved a Mass Observation Project directive enquiring about the negative aspects of friendship. We have collected some of the press snippets, and the British Sociological Association paper they are based on, on the Criticial Associations web page.


Realities, part of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods

Morgan Centre, Unviersity of Manchester

Arthur Lewis Building, Bridgeford Street

Manchester, M13 9PL



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