Climate Change – what can we do?

Climate Change – what can we do?

25 May 2010  10am-1pm (please note this has changed from 21 April 2010)
Venue: Happy Computers, Cityside House, 40 Adler Street, London E1 1EE

Free for members of STAN – The Second Tier Advisors Network or Cascade / £35 for non-members

Do you consider the challenge of climate change when advising groups?

What information have you provided to groups on this topic?

How can we begin to embed better practice in relation to climate change?

Climate change can often seem like such a huge and inevitable problem that it’s hard to relate it to our own work and to the work of the organisations we support.  There are however many actions that can help to combat global warming whilst also helping voluntary and community groups to save money, improve their efficiency, and to help to preserve the local and global environment for future generations.

In this half day session,  Karen Mellanby and Eleanor Pryde from Bassac will look at climate change and the way that it links to issues around economic, social and environmental justice. They will highlight the small actions that individuals and organisations can take to combat climate change, and present case studies of organisations that have moved forward and tackled sustainability issues in more indepth way.

Karen and Eleanor will talk about the benefits of acting against climate change as well as looking at some of the barriers to action and highlighting ways to help groups get around them.   This will be an informal event with lots of time for questions and discussion, so no matter what your level of knowledge and experience you are most welcome to attend.

To reserve your place call 020 3349 8911 or fill out the booking form and return to


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