Research Summer School – Understanding Change

Research Summer School – Understanding Change

UK Transport Research Centre

7th-9th September 2010, University of Leeds

The UKTRC Summer School ( is a unique practical, research-led residential event designed for PhD research students and early career researchers from across the social sciences who are working on issues of transport and travel. The Summer School will provide participants with:

  • Workshops to challenge and develop theoretical and methodological approaches
  • Opportunities to present, discuss and reflect on their own work
  • Access to other students and  researchers in the field
  • Informal opportunities to think, work and play

The summer school is organised around the theme of understanding change: be that change in the fabric of society, in methods of organising transport and travel or in the detail of how people respond to short term changes in modes and costs of getting around.   Participants will have the chance to consider methods of analysing and understanding change at different scales and with reference to different units of enquiry.  For example, changes will be considered over the life course, in relation to trajectories of institutional and infrastructural innovation and to the role of the state.  The summer school also addresses change in policy: how is policy change conceived and enacted; how do policies change practice, and how do policies themselves evolve? Equally, now is institutional change facilitated and blocked.

Researching change from any of these perspectives presents significant theoretical and methodological challenges. Summer School 2010 is the first of an annual series of such events designed to provide participants with new ideas, insights and opportunities to develop their research.

The summer school is priced at £150 for PhD students and £200 for Early Career Researchers and includes all accommodation and meals.

Full details about the Summer School including the programme, speakers and details on how to register are available at

Spaces are limited to 40 and only 12 are left so please register early to avoid disappointment! Students based outside of the UK may apply although there is currently a short waiting list in operation for such students.

Anyone with any queries about the event including eligibility to attend should contact Dr Greg Marsden (

Dr Greg Marsden

Director of Research Capacity Building


c/o Institute for Transport Studies

University of Leeds



Tel: +44 (0)113 3435358

Fax: +44 (0)113 3435334

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