Post election opportunities (from

“Now we have the chance to be counted: metaphorically and literally. Our votes need never be wasted again.” – George Monbiot Now that we have a hung parliament in the UK we have an important, historic, opportunity to reform the voting system. The Liberal Democrats have been asking for Proportional Representation as a condition for any deal they make with either Labour or the Conservatives. David Cameron has merely offered an inquiry into electoral reform. Gordon Brown for his part has merely offered a referendum. “Take Back Parliament” is a new campaign launched today demanding “No More Broken Elections. Fair Votes Now.” It is backed by Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, New Economics Foundation, Compass, Open Democracy, the Electoral Reform Society amongst others. Find out more and support the campaign. Read George Monbiot launching the new campaign in today’s Guardian: Grasp the Opportunity for Reform Demonstrations will take place tomorrow in six cities across the UK: London, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Middlesbrough. As low-carbon living pioneer Donnachadh McCarthy put it: “David Cameron was right – we do have a “Broken Britain”. But what is broken is: 1/ A broken electoral system that gives Lib Dems one, Tories two, Labour three seats per 1% of votes won. 2/ A corrupt political funding system with Non-dom multi-millionaire tax avoider pours millions into Tory target seats. 3/ A foreign billionaire controlled press pours vile lies onto non-Tory parties. This is banana republic democracy and a stain on our Britain. Without PR the environmental crises that need dealing with so urgently will not get the political backing they so desperately need.” — 2. Deal or No Deal? Quick Friends of the Earth action to urge Nick Clegg to make his environmental policies a non-negotiable part of any deal he makes. Sign the petition to Nick Clegg here: It’s a fantastic opportunity. In the run up to the election, over 200 Liberal Democrat candidates signed personal pledges to support our key climate change policies. When over 8,000 of you co-signed our letter to Nick Clegg, he responded within hours. The Liberal Democrat manifesto was the best among the three main parties’ – and the response of Clegg’s candidates was better than the other major parties’ (if not up there with the Greens’). See: We need to make sure that some of the key pledges that Nick Clegg made are not dropped. — 3. Invitation to Climate Emergency Overnight Vigil – 15th-16th May, Parliament Square Climate Emergency overnight vigil Start: 15 May 2010, 11:00 pm End: 16 May 2010, 6:00 am Where: Outside Parliament, London Night of Saturday to Sunday 15th-16th May, outside Parliament Candlelit Procession down Whitehall – assemble 11.00 pm outside St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square. Post election event to remind the new government that dealing with the climate crisis needs to be their top priority. Light a candle for scientific realism and rationality against the dark, populist tide of sceptic lies and ignorance. Join others in a visible demonstration of conviction that we face a climate emergency, and determination to challenge the government in the future if it does not respond appropriately. 11.00 pm Assemble outside St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square. Service inside the church from 11.00 pm organised by Christian Ecology Link. Contact ruthj[at], 07970 907784. 12.00 midnight Candlelit Procession for the Climate down Whitehall. 12.30 – 5.00 am Overnight Vigil at Old Palace Yard, outside Parliament. ‘Art and Empowerment’ events through the night – bring lanterns, your music, your art. Detailed timetable here. Artists, workshop leaders and others wishing to contribute to this event contact hoggett1[at] 5.00 am ‘Zero Carbon’ Dawn – an inspirational Call to Action featuring an Alphorn calling along a chain of brass players to call for a Zero Carbon Dawn 6.00 am Climate ‘Vigil-istas’ communal breakfast in St Jude’s Community Centre provided by the Brixton Tea Party. Join us right outside the home of government if you can… if not, can you organise an overnight vigil in your locality, say outside the surgery of the newly elected MP, or wherever you feel most appropriate? There are vigils taking place in Derby and Scarborough, so you won’t be alone! Details will be added throughout the run-up to the event so keep checking back. — apologies to non-UK subscribers. if you no longer wish to receive emails from Climate Radio, please reply with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.


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