Annual Symposium on Environment, Society, and Development, NUIG August 2010

Annual Symposium on Environment, Society, and Development. National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland August 24, 2010 The Department of Geography, School of Geography and Archaeology, and MA in Environment, Society and Development at National University of Ireland, Galway are pleased to invite you to participate in our Inaugural Annual Symposium on Environment, Society, and Development. The one day symposium will be held Tuesday August 24, 2010 and will consist of panel discussions, keynote addresses, and themed panel sessions on topics related to critical, theoretically informed engagements with topics in political economy, ecology, and geopolitics of the contemporary moment. We are pleased to confirm Professor Neil Smith as this year’s keynote speaker. The Environment, Society and Development Symposium, held in conjunction with the close of the MA in Environment, Society and Development, is a forum within which to foster critical examination and exploration of contemporary issues of geopolitics, development, governance and political ecology in a Global-South/developing world context. The overarching aims of this annual meeting are to bring together scholars, practitioners, and students to: (1) consider the complex and dynamic mesh of environmental, political, social, and economic processes that define the contemporary moment; (2) critically engage with vital global challenges related to geopolitics, environmental security, sustainability, and governance; and (3) explore policy directions and chart opportunities for moving beyond these challenges. The theme of the inaugural symposium is “Geographing the Future” and will entail a focus on thinking through and developing alternatives to the various (geo)political, social, economic and environmental processes that shape the world in which we live. We welcome participants and paper proposals from a variety disciplines related to the themes and problematics discussed above. To propose a paper, or to register as a participant, please send abstracts and titles (for proposed papers only) to Anna Stanley 1 June 2010. Abstracts should be no more than 200 words, and be accompanied by title and author affiliation. To register, only name and affiliation are required. Note: spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


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