Galileo Round Table

Galileo Round Table Monday 14th June 5.30 -7pm

What has been called the ‘blurring’ of the boundaries of the public, private and third sector is often remarked upon in current discussions. So- called hybrid organisations appear to have moved centre stage and this Galileo roundtable, based upon a recently published book Hybrid Organisations and the Third Sector: challenges for practice, theory and policy – David
Billis(ed) will seek to increase our understanding of these complex organisations.

There is now a vast array of partnerships, compacts, social enterprises, quasi-markets, networks, community interest companies, foundation trusts and others, with opaque accountability structures that raise questions about sector identity.

Our primary focus will be on third sector organisations, which are faced by a paradox: on the one hand wanting to preserve their own distinct identities yet engaging with other sectors in order to play their part in the policy arena and in the delivery of public services. Will the core values and ethos of the third sector survive? Can they continue to respond rapidly and sensitively to the needs of users?

We will ask whether hybrid organisations are a constructive and creative organisational solution towards solving some of our most complex social problems. How can the issues of accountability and transparency be addressed? What are the wider questions and implications for practice and policy, in governance and operations for third sector organisations?

You are invited to a Galileo Round Table to discuss and debate these issues.
A facilitator will raise the key arguments and invite contributions from all participants. If you have a specific viewpoint, based upon your experience or research, please let us know beforehand.

The Round Table will be held at LSE Room H 705 Connaught House (entrance in Aldwych). There will be no charge for this event but please let me know by Monday June 7th if you are able to attend.

Yours sincerely
Terry Connor – on behalf of Galileo Ctte.

The Galileo Group is an informal community of academics and practitioners who share an interest in the voluntary and community sector. The Group is primarily concerned with organisation and management and all the “environmental factors” which have an impact on organisations – with a particular emphasis on the links between theory and practice (rather than techniques and processes).

The Galileo Group organises regular seminars which bring together academics researching, and individuals working in the sector to discuss issues of broad interest.  Our aim is to create a collegiate and supportive forum where current organisational problems can be discussed in an analytic fashion.

Galileo Group is entirely voluntary and institutionally independent.  We welcome new members and participants who:

a) work in the voluntary sector and are interested in discussing their organisational challenges/problems and setting these in a broader context;
b) working in educational institutions who wish to test their emerging ideas and potential relevance for organisations and
c) all others concerned with the sector and its boundaries and whose work and whose interests fall into the above.

We are not an academic research institute, but aim to create an environment in which new ideas and approaches can be debated.  All discussions take place within ‘Chatham House Rules’.


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