Bicycle Politics Workshop, Lancaster University, 16th/17th September 2010

The provisional timetable for the Bicycle Politics Workshop taking place at the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe) in September is now available to view on-line here:

Abstracts of the papers to be presented will be posted there soon.

If you would like to participate in the workshop, there are some places available. We are limiting those places to 35 people in total, because we aim the event to feel more like a workshop than a conference; so if you want to come, act early! The cost (including lunches and workshop dinner) is £20 waged, £10 unwaged. Either click through from the link above or go here to do so:

Because we had to select from the large number of papers submitted to the event, it has become more clearly focused than is obvious from the initial call for papers currently still on the CeMoRe website. So I’ve added some extra blurb below, to help give you a bit of a flavour for the ways in which discussions might (although it’s not prescriptive) develop, and to help you decide whether it is or is not for you  … 😉

“The bicycle is the perfect vehicle of/for sustainability, and cycling seems now almost universally to be regarded as ‘a good thing’. Yet across most of the world cycling remains constrained in multiple ways, its promotion is piece-meal and largely ineffective, and even the limited attempts to promote cycling are often controversial and frequently provoke strong anti-cycling sentiment.

The Bicycle Politics workshop aims to interrupt current discussions around cycling, which are generally well intentioned but also frequently naïve about the entrenched structural impediments to building strong cycling cultures. We believe that bolder proposals towards a more cycle-friendly world will only emerge from: first, much more conscious and critical recognition of the current transport situation, which remains monopolised by motorised modes, especially the car, and remarkably hostile to cycling; second, critical appraisals of many current supposedly ‘pro-cycling’ initiatives, which we regard as often enabling the continuation of ‘motoring-as-usual’ and as getting in the way of the establishment of cycling cultures, rather than as contributing to them; and third, the exploration and articulation of much bolder, more radical initiatives to embed cycling as a sustainable practice in people’s ordinary, everyday lives.”

Details of transport, accommodation etc will be sent ahead of the workshop to all those who register. If you need any further info, please contact Aurora and/or me.

Best wishes

Dave Horton and Aurora Trujillo


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