From NCVO: Conference Research Papers


NCVO/VSSN Researching Conference Full Papers

NCVO/VSSN Researching the Voluntary Sector Conference 2010

6-7 Septemeber 2010, Leeds University

Below are the full papers from the conference

Capacity Building Infrastructure

Steven Browning and Helen Wollaston Executive summary of Equal support: Do identity-based voluntary and community groups need identity-based organisational development? (PDF 86KB)

Chris Dayson Reflections on the development of a quasi-experimental design for the Futurebuilders Evaluation (PDF 203KB)

The State and the Voluntary Sector I

Peter R. Elson A Slice of the Pie: An overview of provincial voluntary sector-government relations in Canada (PDF 903KB). You can also download a discount flyer to purchase Peter’s book High Ideals and Noble Intentions: Voluntary Sector–Government Relations in Canada

Sian Sankey and Michelle Madden The Compact: A journey to implementation: where are we now? (PDF 59KB)

Kate Spence Competing Imperatives? Assessing Freedom of Information Uptake in the Third Sector in Scotland (PDF 42KB)

Performance Management

Rebecca Edwards, Graham Smith and Milena Büchs Mainstreaming the environment through performance management? (PDF 133KB)

Charles Jardine Critical success factors for developing a social enterprise from within a large traditional charity (PDF 144KB)


Assessing the impact of multi-purpose community organisations on communities using action research: insights from a collaboration between practitioners and researchers (PDF 29KB)
Ben Cairns (Chair), Mike Aiken, Leila Baker, Steph Allan, Jenny Pupius

The State and the Voluntary Sector II

Christine Goodall and Carwyn Tywin A Nation Within a Nation? Disability, Civil Society and Nation Building in Wales (PDF 35KB)

Alice Mills, Rosie Meek and Dina Gojkovic Exploring the Relationship between the Voluntary Sector and the State in Criminal Justice (PDF 151KB)

Robert Dalziel Recession, Fighting Unemployment and Value for Money: Council and Voluntary and Community Sector Responses (PDF 83KB)

Brian Lamb and Alex Murdock Not a Curse to Live in Challenging Times? (PDF 772KB)


Evidencing assumptions: Measuring the long term and wider community impact of volunteering
Matthew Hill, Daniel Stevens, Sarah Miller


Crossing boundaries: The dynamics of cross-sector working
Ben Cairns (chair), Linda Milbourne, Mike Aiken, Eliza Buckley


Exploring change through time – qualitative longitudinal research on the third sector (PDF 210KB)
Duncan Scott (chair), Bren Neale, Victoria Bell, Fred Robinson, Rob Macmillan, and Andri Soteri-Proctor

Measuring impact and wellbeing

Alice Goodenough and Sue Waite Evidencing social cohesion and well-being impacts through participative research with the third sector – from theory into practice. (PDF 270KB)

Camilla Nevill Feelings count: Measuring children’s subjective well-being for charities and funders (PDF 72KB)

Sally Taylor & Victoria Bradford Measuring how the voluntary sector contributes to well-being  – the Big Lottery Fund and the Centre for Local Economics Strategies (PDF 139KB)

Alasdair Rutherford Evaluating the Impact of Volunteering on Health and Wellbeing (PDF 142KB)

Local Mapping

Ellie Brodie and Eddie Cowling Landscapes of participation: findings and lessons from community mapping (PDF 274KB)

Andrew Curtis The next generation of service providers? The benefits and limitations of micro and small voluntary and community sector groups providing services (PDF 297KB)

Jez Reeve Seldom Heard Voices are not “Hard-to-Reach”: Who’s missing from the Place Survey? (PDF 123KB)


Researching Social Enterprise
Alex Murdock Peter Maple Charles Jardine, Lindsay Hodgson, and Micaela Mazzei

The State and the Voluntary Sector III

Nick Acheson Creating counter-publics in defence of social rights: the case of pensioner protests in Ireland (PDF 196KB)


Beth Breeze and Jon Dean “Just get the money by hook or by crook”: User views on the representation of homelessness in fundraising materials (PDF 163KB)

Peter Maple The recession and the changing face of philanthropy (PDF 24KB)

Grigorios Theodosopoulos and Colin Haslam The hospice business model in a financial crisis (PDF

Reviewing the literature

Siobhan Daly Taking stock of “philanthropy studies” in the UK (PDF 65KB)

Alasdair Rutherford Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: A Recent History of Charitable Organisations in Economic Theory (PDF 143KB)

Employment and Skills

Stephen McKay and Domenico Moro Is job satisfaction really higher in the voluntary sector?  A longitudinal analysis (PDF 161KB)

Domenico Moro and Stephen McKay The impact of recession on employment in the Voluntary and Community sector (PDF 179KB)

Martin E. Purcell and Murray Hawtin The Learning & Development Needs of Volunteers in the Children’s Workforce (PDF 131KB)

Quantifying social change

Peter Backus and David Clifford Are big charities becoming increasingly dominant? Tracking charitable income growth 1997-2008 by initial size (PDF 374KB)

Peter Backus and David Clifford Trends in the concentration of income among charities (PDF 395KB)

Andrew McCulloch, John Mohan, Peter Smith Patterns of Social Capital, Voluntary Activity and Area Deprivation in England (PDF  196KB)

Gareth Morgan The use of UK charity accounts data for researching the performance of voluntary organisations (PDF 115KB)


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